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Criminal Minds Back with New Destiny


Criminal Minds Seasons 1-6 DVD Boxset served to once again raise the barrier for what can be expected on primetime television.


The Criminal Minds season 6 finale, entitled “Supply & Demand,” awkwardly forced the return of A.J. Cook as JJ, while simultaneously delivering a somewhat interesting, yet entirely unfulfilling, storyline.


As Criminal Minds season 6 dvd goes to end, one thing has absolutely been made clear: anything CAN and Will happen. In real life, Gibson was in the middle of contract renegotiations (he was highly underpaid in regards to the ratings that the series was receiving and his position on the show).


What the Criminal Minds future will happen? There are mnay people will back in the season 7. "Morgan made it his life journey to get redemption for his friend," Shemar Moore said about his character, Special Supervisory Agent Derek Morgan.


A.J. Cook's character Jennifer "JJ" Jareau was also written off the series, but was brought back after fan outcry. Garcia deserves some happiness in her life like everyone on the team does with what they see every day, and Kevin seems to be providing that so far.


Many fans said that the return of AJ Cook and Paget Brewster is certainly a step in the right direction. And what the fate for these people? Let's have a look!


Cheap DVDs Online not only contains the Criminal Minds, more cop shows are waiting for you!


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